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Rotary drilling

Secoroc Tricone bits are world leading bits for rotary drilling throughout the world. We offer a wide range of bits including diameters from 2 15/16 to 17 , and in 5 different series to handle different rock formations.

Atlas Copco Secoroc Tricone bits are broken into the two major categories: Steel Tooth products and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) products. Steel Tooth (also referred to as milled tooth) products have cutting elements which have been milled from the steel of the cone itself and are strengthened by the application of tungsten carbide hard facing to the surfaces of the tooth. TCI products have cutting elements shaped from tungsten carbide materials and pressed into holes drilled in the cone material.

TCI products are much more durable than Steel Tooth products, but carry a higher cost to manufacture.

Steel teeth and insert cutting elements come in varying shapes, sizes, and grades of tungsten carbide material. This variety of cutting elements allows engineers to tailor products to address specific drilling conditions encountered throughout the world. Within each of the two major categories, the cutting structure designs are grouped into several series of bits which have similar characteristics and performance criteria.

Secoroc Tricone bits:
Simply the world's best rotary drill bits.

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